I received a link about Square-Enix contemplating a game sequel to Final Fantasy 13…..based on the fan response. I say don’t do it!! If you want fans to know more about the XIII’s storyline (which I’m all for) then make it a movie or even a anime. I really don’t think that a sequel to XIII as a game would work. I LOVE the Final Fantasy franchise don’t get me wrong but the story and game play of XIII was a disappointment, it lacked emotion, excitement and the freedom of past FF’s. Where were the gut wrenching scenes, that I have seen bring men to tears? and what is with the transforming Eidolons??  The graphics in XIII however are amazing, Square-Enix never fails to deliver on that aspect. I would love to see a Adamantoise in HD or even 3D walking around as fully rendered cut scene graphics. Although I find FFXIII disappointing and have completed the main story, I do find myself still playing it from time to time but once you have filled the crystarium the game play does become a little repetitive, especially trying to release the ultimate weapons, which takes many many many hours of gil farming to obtain the relevant components. The squeal to Final fantasy X, X-2, worked because (spoilers) they had a strong storyline to back it, the return of the main character of FFX, Tidus, which still remains my favorite scene out of all FF’s. I had to play this game to find out if he came back and I believe this was the selling point of this sequel. What would make us so eager to by a sequel to FFXIII? I’d like to hear thoughts from any other Final Fantasy fans.

If i had a choice out of FFXIII’s sequel being a game, anime or an animated movie like FFVII’s Advent Children, I would chose the movie. So Square-Enix that is my fan response, make it a CG movie.

Whats your opinion?