Before I recieved this brief I had never really taken the time to look into photomontage. I am still unsure about how I feel about it but have found some artists that I like and many styles I don’t like.

Looking at Hannah Hock’s work, I can say I’m not a fan of her style at all. It’s to obvious that they are photographs cut and pasted one on top of the other. It’s too obvious for my liking. It’s the same for Richard Hamiltons photomontarge’s. Although his images fit better in the environment they are set in, I find I dislike the black and white images mixed in with random splashes of colour. It feels odd, like my brain can’t quite comprehend the image, like its unnatural.

Looking at John Heartfields work, however, appealed to me much more. His photomontarges’ have more subtle cuting and pasting, also I like how you can read his images in more than one way. For example in the image below you can see a skeletol hand but in a second look you can see he has used the vapor trails of planes in the creation of the had. This to me sends a clear message of what Heartfield wanted to portray. Obviously this image was about war and the death and destruction that comes with it, I know this because the images he uses are relevent to war, ie death, bodies,fighter planes, bombed buildings.

Peter Kennard also did photomontarges about war. His imagery are more simple and straight to the point but equally as effective.