As part of the compose mini brief I am required to look at other examples of digital photography. So have chosen a few images to comment on that I find interesting.

unfortunately I was unable to find the name of the photographer who took this image, so if you know the name of the artist please let me know.

This picture stood out to me because of the angle and the fact that I very much like black and white photos. I sometimes feel colour can make and image to messy, black and white is simple and clean. It captures the movement of the girl’s hair and the strands in the background look like they are glowing because the are out of focus. It feels like the photographer has also captured a thought that can be read on the girls face.

Next time I view my photographs and other images, I will consider viewing them at a different angle to how they were originally shot and maybe I will view them in a totally different perspective.

The image below was photographed by Martin Philby. (Audience at Pyramid Rock festival, Phillip Island, Victoria , 2005)

I like the composition of this photograph, your attention is instantly drawn to the two girls because they are centered and in focus (Using guide crosshairs). I like that only the middle, horizontal strip across the photograph is in focus and the foreground and background is blurred, this is what forces your attention on the girls.

The photograph right was taken by James Casebere, Nevisian underground #2, 2001.

At first glance I thought this was a painting, I think that’s because of the rippling light reflections on the ceiling  making it look like brush strokes on a canvas. The water in the bottom half off the photo creates the illusion that the arch way is longer that it is in reality. There are two light sources, one coming from behind the arch in the distance, this has highlighted the left side of the arch and the curvature across the top and the shape of the opening on the wall. The second source is coming from the right before the arch out of view and is reflection light from the water onto the wall. I like the effect that light plays in this image, if you were to flood the room with light it wouldn’t have the same artistic effect.