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In my second photo shoot with Sackboy, I used a lot more photographic resources. Soft boxes, this gave a much softer light. These fit onto the front of the low heat Tungsten if you unscrew the collar. I also use an arm to angle the light downwards. This time instead of using the environment for a back drop I used a white paper back drop available in the studio. After the first few pictures I realized that the white balance wasn’t right, it was coming out light mocha, so I corrected that by selecting WB on my camera and photographing the white back drop to get the right balance for the lighting conditions. For this session I made sure I used a tripod, this allowed me to slow down the shutter speed and widen the aperture to get a sharper picture using low lighting. I feel am grasping the balance of all the settings slowly, but I will continue to practice and hopefully it will become second nature so I can work faster and have a large range of usable shots.