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Out of approximately 44 photos I took, in our first digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) induction, only about 18 of them were usable. For my first time using the DSLR’s I think I got on pretty well, although I am finding it hard to get my head around what does what but it’s all trial and error at the moment but the more I use them the better I’ll get. The images that came out in focus I am really pleased with. It is just a case of finding the balance with the focus and aperture speed, lighting and thinking about if I need a tripod, white balancing, etc. For the lighting I used a Tungstan (hot head) light,these give off a direct harsh light with no defuser. I didn’t use a tripod for our first induction which is probability why the majority of my pictures are out of focus, due to holding the camera with a slow aperture speed set for the low lit shots.  So in our next induction with lighting I will be sure to use and experiment with a tripod for shots using a slow shutter speeds. I experimented with focusing on different parts of Sackboy, like the zip, hands face and feet so the rest of the shot is out of focus. I experimented with different angles, light, and zoom. I was quite amazed at the detail of the image of the Yellow chair. I have never used a camera that is capable of that much detail, I found out that this is down to setting the camera to manual and set to capture as RAW files. This makes the image incredibly detailed and allows you, when working on the photo’s after, to have and use as much information as possible.