I have chosen 6 images that I have taken with the DSLR camera that I feel demonstrate effective use of lighting, focus, understanding of aperture and depth of field.

This is from my first shoot in the DSLR session. The yellow in the background is a plastic chair that I used to stand him on. I focused in on Sackboy from an upward angle, this made him look larger than the 7 inches that he actually is. I like the direction of light and the shadows it makes on the side of his face. The yellow in the background adds some contrasting color and it being blurred keeps the focus on the foreground.

I like the angle and proportion of this shot. If you where to draw a line from the top right corner to the bottom left, you would see the bottom right half lit and top left half shaded, I think this is a really effective shot. He looks like he’s looking directly at the camera and almost looks alive.

These two photographs have to be my favorite of the bunch. It demonstrates how depth of field can change a photograph of the same image for different effects.

Although this image isn’t balanced I still find it effective. It looks like it could be used as a wallpaper. Unfortunately I didn’t notice the small discrepancy in the lower right corner, which was the edge of the back drop, other than that I really like the clear lighting and clear focus in this shot.

I feel the same about this image, looks like it could be used as a wallpaper,again the image is unbalanced but it works. Although the image is slightly over exposed, the aperture may have been to wide or the shutter speed may have been to slow.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Sackboy for donating his time and effort, although we had a few disputes over some images the overall outcome was a success.