James Cameron’s, AVATAR

From Twentieth Century Fox a James Cameron film to rival any other science fiction movie ever made.

“ Amazing, mind blowing, like nothing else”
– Jonathan Ross

After 15 years in the making The blockbusting director James Cameron smashed his own records with his new science fiction movie ‘Avatar‘. With an estimated $200 million spent on production it is the highest grossing film, bringing home $700 million, overtaking Cameron’s previous record with Titanic grossing at $500 million. The massive budget allowed for no corners to be cut, with state of the art CGI Cameron transports us head first in to a stunning alien environment, Pandora, inhabited by the beautiful and peaceful blue alien race the Navi.
With a 155 minute run time Cameron waists no time projecting us into the story. The style of 3D is made to feel like a window and you as the viewer are looking in, with no novelty shots designed to make you lunge out of the way or duck for cover.
Although the storyline is predictable Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana give us an emotional, realistic and brilliant performance aided by their intense training trekking through the forests and jungles of Hawaii, horse back riding and combat training.

The story leads us into the life of ex-marine Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), paralysed in combat we see him walk again in a home-grown Navi body. While out gathering research with Dr Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver) he becomes lost in the hostile forests of Pandora. With the help of a native, Jake finds himself immersed in the ways of the Navi, falling in love with planet and Naytiti ( Zoe Saldana ) a Navi and chiefs daughter. He struggles to make decisions to go against his own race as they threaten to destroy the Navi’s sacred land marks and homes and finds himself at war with Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang).

This movie is an  “outstanding” experience and has something for everyone. It truly is out of this world.