As part of the 1 minute film we need to crew on at least 3 other class mates movies.

1) Lighting for Ross Johnston

Ross Johnston advertised on the DFGA Facebook group for help with his filming so I volunteered to do his lighting. After having a chat and looking over his storyboards, we discussed the effect he wanted to achieve. He was looking for quite a strong spotlight effect, focusing only on the two actors sat at the table, walking in from the dark areas of the set. I used used three point lighting with Tungsten hot heads, a fill light behind the camera, a spot light on actor Ben Mayfield and another spot light on actor Cameron Bland.

Diagram of studio set up;

2) Acting for Jeff Maddison

I also responded to Jeff Maddisons request for actors on the DFGA Facebook group. I volunteered for the role as it involved martial art moves and described as a ninja samurai fight with umbrellas (sounds fun). I have watched countles martial art movies and played plenty of Japanese RGP’s to replicate the style of choreography Jeff wants.

Jeff, Andy and myself got together on the Saturday, before the Monday we where sheduled to shoot, to go though Jeffs storyboard and rehearse the choreography.

Jeff Maddisons Storyboard Anamatic

To get a few reference moves I looked at a few fight scenes from SquareEnix Final Fantasy Advent Children and Crisis Core.


I really enjoyed working on this movie. It was fun, challenging and original.

3) Co-producer/manager for Coarl Baker

I was aproached by coral who asked me if I would help her with her movie, Co-producing and managing as she feels these are not her strongest areas, but has recognised those attributes in myself from working on projects together in the past. Due to mitigating cerumstances Corals movie will be produced after the christmas holiday as agreed by Mike Smith. I had a discussion with Coral asking that all preporation for her filming is done and ready for shooting when we get back after christmas, not only so she is organised but also so the extra work load doesn’t interfeare with my other on going modules.