From the ‘Process’ mini brief, i have chosen the third option, Hybrid.

Hybrid – Create a character combining two of the following words as a starting point :
[ Robot / Dog / Cloud / Fire / Fish / Cello / Monkey / Snow / Fungi / Tomato ]

To begin with i have gathered images of each word and compiled mood boards for inspiration.






I chose the less obvious style of robots for inspiration, looking at and thinking about purpose. Thinking about color and texture, rusty, matt or shiny? Considering size,from the mini dragonfly robot to human size. I like the idea of a fish robot, like a underwater security system. Flying, walking or a swimming robot. But what where these robots designed to do? Robots are created to do a job, so need to think about what their job is as this would effect their design. Like the medic robot with the stethoscope.









Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, long hair, short hair, curly hair. Markings on the fur can change the look of the face. some dog faces look old and intelligent, long limbs slender bodies. others short and dumpy with scrunched up facial figures. some very small dog seem to have eyes too big for their heads.











Clouds tend to have a dream like quality, take random forms dusty forms. they manifest and transform. Coat the sky like a cotton wool blanket. They have been associated with heaven and pictured with angels and gods. Rain falls, snow falls and thunder and lighting come from cloud. They can turn a thick grey, shades of red in the sun set and sun rise. The word transformation come to mind. If I was to design a character around a cloud it would be something supernatural, light and floaty, something that morphs.










Fire dances, flickers, shrinks and grows. Turns shades of orange, red, blue and green. It can burn violently be manipulated and controlled. destroy, cook food, give off warmth.










I found some interesting species of fish some very bizarre ones also. The one on the bottom and top left gave me an idea for some sort servaliance robot because of their huge eyes. The spokes and fins are used for defense and I can see them as some sort of armor on a robot.

I did a quick combination of a tomato and fish as well as a tomato and a jelly fish.



Cellos are traditionally made from wood and have a distinct figure of eight. I found some modern electronic and wooden cellos, like skeletons. It is quite easy to imagine something robotic out of these images.










I thought about combining cello with monkey and creating some skeletal frame of a monkey similar to the cello with a satellite dish as a head. The idea that it is a mobile satellite dish, that can climb and reach tricky spots to achieve a signal.


Different species of monkeys have a considerable difference in facial features especially. The are a range of sizes and colors. It was the monkey in the center that gave me the idea of a satellite monkey robot. His face is very flat and round and it reminded me of a satellite dish.

The baby gorilla sat in the straw looking up gave me the idea of a robot baby monkey, something a child of the future might play with as a futuristic toy. It reminds me very much of a human child.










First thing that stands out about snow is its color. Ice while and bluish in the shade. At a wide angle it looks like a blanket but extremely close up at a single flake is a beautiful unique star of individual clear strands of ice. It floats to the ground in clumps of individual flakes like they are holding onto each other bracing for impact.


In the image of frost creeping up the glass I could see a fairy dancing.





Fungi, can be edible can also be poisonous. Grows in groups or individual. Likes damp spots like under fallen leaves, base of trees on trees and damp crevice. Grow flat, round,tall and short. most commonly in shades of brown and gray. Often depicted in cartoons and films as red.









I thought about combining monkey and fungi and came up with the idea of this colossal monkey/gorilla with fungi and moss growing on it. I can imagine it roaming an enormous misty forest.






The main thing that comes to mind when you think about tomatos is the red coloring. They are round in shape but lumpy also. Tomato’s have a green leafy stork and a tight skin. Where the stem is attached it looks like they are imploding or being pull inwards. They are juicy and have small yellowish seeds.









Looking at these images it allows me to consider size, texture, purpose, looking at what shape and colors are representative of the words.

Literal Hybrids

I gathered together a mood board of images of hybrids i have come across, I also thought about mythical hybrids like mermaids and centars.

I think these images are great. It looks like alot of these images have been produced in Photoshop like the cut/copy/paste Photomontage brief we did. They work because the to combining creatures or objects are either similar in texture (Kiwi mouse), shape (onion spider) or color (owl rabbit).