I wanted something on my character to tie in with the city that she lives in. So i decided it would be a color. After experimenting with outfit colors for Nomiki and deciding on black and red, so I looked up different shades and names of red and found Rosso red. I thought that would be a good name for a city and a good color for a building and it will fit with the red tattoos on her arm.



After several hair pulling hours between Illustrator and Photoshop she is finished. I have only made one change from my original idea and that is the extra tattoos on her waist. I originally wanted the tattoos to represent a part of her personality, but after thinking about the type of community she comes from I decided to make them a trait of her program. It is now a mark of the Rosso law enforcement program. Branded at a young age and a symbol of what she is to become and a force not to be reckoned with.

So here is a little about Nomiki.

Nomiki, meaning law, as a child was born into the Rosso Law enforcement breeding program. From birth the are fed and taught to be strong and brave. From the age of 4 the early stages of combat training begins and don’t finished until 18 when they are deemed specialists in their field. They are then put into work protecting the pure citizens of Rosso and ordered to cleans the city and outer regions of ‘dirty civ’s’, people out side the Rosso breeding program the none pure breeds of human. Only following orders she fails to sympathize with the ‘dirty civs’ as she only knows what she has been told by her mentors and friends. She deems her fellow colleges as her family as they are all she has ever known. She is much loved among them and each one would do anything to protect the other. Now aged 20 she is second in command in her precinct and she wont be fully satisfied until she is at the top.

Nomiki is the heroin of the story. Blinded by the tight regulations and teachings of the Rosso government Nomiki saw the ‘dirty civ’s’ as animals, a plague threatening the purity of the city of Rosso. Until one day she was called out to cleans the out skirts of an abandoned sector, in preparation or expanding the city. Upon leaving Ross a small child holding a teddy smiles and waves at her. Nomiki smiles and waves back. In an old apartment store she gives the order clear out the dirty civ’s. Once clear Nomiki likes to sweep the area to make sure things have been done properly under her command. She hears something coming from a toy store. Raising her weapon in anticipation of a Civi, she investigates. There are signs that the cleansing team had already been in there. There are bullet holes in the walls and fluff from stuffed toys in the air and blood on the floor. Turning a corner she sees a tent made from sheets and brooms, riddled with bullet holes. The source of the sound is inside it. Ripping back the sheet underneath is a small girl holding onto her older brothers lifeless body a result of the operation. The girl looks straight at Nomiki, fear and sadness in her eyes. As well as holding onto her brother she has a teddy tightly clenched in her arms. Still looking down the sight of her gun she see’s this teddy in her scope and instantly recalls the girl back a the city. This triggers an emotional response from Nomiki and she fails to see the difference between this child and the one back at the city. Walking away from the girl she begins to question the cleansing methods and the whole government program, leading to her dissmissal and aresst. She is then marked for cleansing, but upon her day of execution, she escapes with the help of her closest colleges. She makes her way to the abandoned sector where she meets Civies. later she calls upon her friends to help the people of Rosso see that these people arn’t a disease and plans to take down the Rosso government.