I remember being in the kitchen and my mum calling me in to the living room to watch this new movie trailer that was on the TV. I was so excited, it was the Transformers trailer, although they only showed very small sections of these giant robots, so as not to give it away, i could see this was going to be my type of movie. Having grown up in the Transformers era i kinda new what the Transformers where and couldn’t wait to see these giant robots photo-realistically animated with in a live action environment and brought to life.

The art director for transformers is Alex Jaeger who’s worked previously working on Startreck: First contact. Art directors ofter work closely with animators to help design how things would work and fit together believably.

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Digital Domain worked on nearly 100 shots for transformers. they worked on the character animation of the robots that transformed into a cell phone, steering wheel and vending machine. They also animated the Autobots Landing on earth disguised as meteors and the environment to the Artic sequence flash back as the scene was filmed on a soundstage. They also went on to work on transformers revenge of the fallen creating 14 new supporting characters.