We find our selves and view others participating in a virtual body on a daily bases. We see this in bodies impersonated by dancers, actors and in our dreams. These impersonated bodies are both in the physical world and imaginary but both transport your consciousness into a different body to that of who you really are but your mind is still your own. In the age of the screen we find people immersed in a virtual body capable of slaying dragons, flying over imaginary worlds and behaving in different ways to what we would in reality. Things that our own bodies are not capable of but a virtual body we are still in control of with our physical body.

“Film is used to show a reality to an audience, cyberspace is used to give a virtual body and a role, to everyone in the audience.” Randall Walser

Randall Walser also said a film maker and play write try to communicate the idea of an experience where as a spacemaker sets up a world to experience within and not just imagine. It is the passion that the audience brings to these worlds that can be regarded as immersion.