We were asked to crate a short storyboard for a 10 to 20 second animation. Looking at my animatic the sequence might be a bit short. so i am going to develop it a bit more.

So here is my second animatic that I presented to the class.

After getting feedback from the class and tutor it was pointed out that it had no narrative. So i need to think about it some more and give the animation some structure and meaning to make it interesting to an audience. An idea came to mind about a young bird leaving the nest and taking its first flight. Idea is in development.

Ok so this IS my final and finished idea for my polygon animation!

The animatic lasts 19 seconds so it gives me a good idea of how long my animation will be.

The idea is that the 5 purple squares are on their way to a party, their journey was blocked by a large sleeping triangle. One shouts out”excuse me!” (animated by vanishing words and small voice over) because the triangle is a lot taller the triangle can not here the small purple square. The squares are going to be late for the party, portrayed by the spinning clock popping up in a thought bubble. Their friends are waiting on the other side of the sleeping triangle with balloons which allows the viewers to understand they want to get to a party. the second square has an idea and jumps onto the first square, motions the others to follow. the third square jumps on too, then the whole row jumps and the fourth then 5th square slides under. the top square now shouts “excuse me!” this startles the triangle, he jumps up and falls behind the floor. the squares then fall back to the ground , roles towards their friends and greets them with little hops and roll off-screen. The triangle them falls back to sleep.

The process

Whilst working on my polygon animation i took a few screen shots to document my process and to show the tools i used.

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I had to consider what type of triangle I was going to use. I chose an Isosceles triangle as i wanted it tall but not too wide. Using the rulers allowed me to keep things proportionate, central and consistent. I got the hang of the classic tween quite quickly. I used the motion tween only a few times for the panning shots of the scene and the Z’s of the sleeping triangle all with motion paths. I found the motion tween much harder to grasp. it seemed the process was very different in technique to the classic tween. This did make me very frustrated and I considered using the classic tween instead but I wanted to demonstrate my usage of the different tools so prevailed and got the result I wanted. Towards the end of my animation it did look very complicated on the time line with the number of keyframe I had used, but they were all easy to keep track of and identify as I had labeled every one of my layers and kept them in corresponding folders. This made me work faster and easier. one of the most challenging aspects i found was animation the balloons. it was easy to give them a sway from left to right, but they looked stiff and the motion was jarry. So i used the ease in and ease out option and just experimented until i got a smooth movement that made it look like they were blowing in the mind. Unfortunately I was unable to apply the easing using the motion editor as it wouldn’t open on my file. The only graph I could use was the motion graph in properties for in between each keyframe. I did consult with Matt and Simon but we were unable to source the problem.I feel the balloons add a little more color to the scene and the aspect of continual life and movement so there are no static shots. the section I am most pleased with is the squares making the tower and falling down. I spent a lot of time on this as I felt this was the key section of my animation. again I applied easing which gave more feeling of weight and acceleration.

After dedicating a whole day to starting my polygon animation I realised it isn’t as scary as I had thought and once you get to grips with it there are countless things you can do.

I like the story but feel it is a little cramped for the maximum 20 second restriction. the words ‘ excuse me’ appear to quickly off-screen. I tried to cut out frames from different sections from the time line but then the animation lost its flow.After dedicating a whole day to starting my polygon animation I realised it isn’t as scary as I had thought and once you get to grips with it there are countless things you can do. Yes there were frustrating time but overall I am very proud of my first ever animation.

My finished Flash animation

There is some kind of problem when exporting in flash. It seems to be leaving artifacts behind. This is a problem everyone has found and very frustrating.