From my brain storm the most appealing combination for me to explore is the monkey and fungi. I began thinking how I could combine the two. When I think of fungi I think of them in greeny, brown colors, growing in, on and among. My favorite style of characters are those of a colossal nature. To create a visual realistic colossal being is something I want to achieve. So I’m gonna do it for this brief. I am going to create a colossal gorilla with mossy fur and fungi growing on his back , elbows etc, I imagine him in tones of greens and browns, like he is part of the forest, some mythical creature that is rarely seen. What I don’t want is it to be compared to King Kong, I want to make it clear King Kong was no influence on my design. One of my influence is actually the ps2 game Shadow of the Colossus. These Characters are giant beasts made from flesh and rock.

I like the colors of the colossi on the third image, forest colors, colors I intend to apply to my own image. I will be producing my image in photoshop and developing my idea in Photoshop. For reference material I have been looking at gorillas.

This is my initial sketch of my idea combining the words monkey and fungi.


Ive placed the tree and person in there to give a sense of scale. I like the idea of having birds circling as its and image you see around tall cliffs. The fungi wont be incredibly obvious but will add a reddish color to the greens and browns of the creature. Looking at my fungi mood board the smaller pebble like fungi will be added to his elbows, shoulders and rump. I want to include a few fungi with the longer stems but not sure how they would look, so will try this in Photoshop. Ill give him mossy fur and a few dreads.


My hybrid mood board

I chose to base my design on a gorilla as they have great prominent and strong image. Their arms are like branches, thick and powerful. There is also a distinct and deep curve in their spine, like the sheer weight is putting pressure on their spine.

Facial and body sketch produced in Photoshop…. It is a rough sketch and something I will amend as my creature develops. He will have a few dreads coming off his chin and I had the idea of birds cleaning around his ears, something you see birds doing in the wild. Also you often see images of gorillas and monkey enjoying being groomed by fellow monkeys and gorillas. I really want the eyes to look different to a normal gorillas, in human if you like. I think by doing this it would totally change the way people would perceive this image. Instead of seeing a green monkey with fungi growing on him, they would look at it as a creature of fantasy or myth, as if magic was in his veins.

I am super happy with the way my image is coming on. I’ve stopped saying I can’t and proving to myself that I can. I have also stopped comparing work to other peoples and started to draw how I know how to draw not how everyone else is drawing. Although illustrator is useful for some things like the pen tool, I feel it gives a solid cartoon look to everything which is not what i want. So I wont be using illustrator at all for this brief.