I am so pleased with the way my Giant forest red back has turned out. I have never achieved something to this quality in Photoshop before. I can see how my new skills i have learnt crossed with tips and feedback from my fellow class mates has considerably improved my skills.

As this brief was about the process I took several screen shots over the course of creating my image, to show the gradual develpement and put the shots onto a time line.

My Giant Forest Red Back.I chose the name as it resembles that of the silver back gorilla. I used red back because of the red fungi that grows on his back.

I received some feed back after my power point presentation to the class. Suggestions to add more fungi to his back, as i have called him red back it needs to be more prominent feature. Also to place something in there for scale. This was something I had planned to do from the start. I wanted to put a damp green forest background, with a waterfall and trees to portray his sence of scale. Due to the impending deadline I have had to come away from the idea of a background and asked to produce a turn around.

I was very concerned about the viability of my image. I had been working on my laptop at home and duels screening on my tv. The image looked fine and detailed but when i viewed it on my laptop screen it became very dark and lost a lot of detail. So i took the file onto the college computers and it was still very dark. So in order to present my image i increased the brightness and contrast and increased the green in the color balance to make sure the detail of the moss could be seen.

At the beginning of this module i used sketch books for most briefs. but not this one, i decided to try and use my blog and used a pencil and paper very little. Again i am trying to do as everyone else instead of using what works for me. I think if i had used a sketch book i would have skectched more and probibly developed my image further.