Thinking about where my character lives i wanted to produce a full rendered image of him and his environment.Although i had already began to do my background unfortunatly due to time it is not going to be possible to finish. however i do plan to continue with the background at a later date.

I looked in one of my books from home called Natural Wounders of the world by DR.Adrian Glover. In it are some fantastic landscape and land formations. I used three of them for refferance and inspiration to draw my background.

Iguacu Falls, Brazil

I used this picture for referance of the water fall. Looking at how the water isnt just white, there are shades of yellow and lavander in there too. The mist reaches quite high up the waters fall and vapor sprays out the sides.

Mount Sabinyo

I used this image to help with the texture of the moss on my hybrids back. Also helped me with the different shades of greens. The Rocky cliffs in my background would also have trases of moss.

Angel Falls, Venezuela

I used angel falls to referance the rock and how holiage would grown on the clif side. Also it helps me with the rock texture and colors.

The start of my background