I had never used power point before and it was very easy to use. I found it quite simple to put together a power point, it is the actual presenting it that is the hard part for me. Although i knew everyone there and most had seen my final image i still got incredibly nervous. I had a few notes to hand to help me remember points I wanted to get across, but ended up forgetting that i had them in my hand.

This stage fright is something I need to deal with, i’m ok with one a one on one but as soon as it becomes a group I get a dry mouth and mix up words and say the wrong ones.

My actual presentation I felt was simple, not overpowering and to the point, not many transition effects or fancy shading.

My feed back on my final image was to in add more fungi, produce a turn around and to add something for a sense of scale. All if which i have taken on board and do.