I have dabbled in Photoshop but never explored it as much until now. I have surprised myself with how much I did know and how much I have learnt in the past couple of weeks.

For my first image, Don’t blame the games, I chose an issue that I have found myself in several debates about, Children and video game violence. In my poster I wanted to state that adults and parents are buying 18 rated games for under 18’s and that they are responsible for monitoring what their children watch and play. Certificates are there to protect the younger generation. I think my poster puts that point across using minimal text and the rest said though image. You can see the mother with the money, the father smiling and the child wide eyed and taking in the images. I chose three images from games that have strong violence to represent the 18 certificate. Overall I am very pleased with the outcome of this poster.

For my second poster, Moderation, I thought about making an image with influence from Hannah Hoch and Richard Hamilton. I took influence from Hannah Hoch by taking photos and roughly cutting them out and the black and white and colours are an influence from Richard Hamilton. Although  I am not a huge fan of either artists I wanted to look at this module as an opportunity to experiment with Photoshop and imagery. This isn’t my favourite poster I have done but I am pleased I experimented with this style, it showed me that images don’t have to look realistic and polished to get a point across.

My last image, The question of man, was a late thought. The image just popped in my head an I thought I could use it as quick addition to this project. The idea is my favourite one, it is simple, powerful and effective. It has a John Heartfield, one image reading as two, style and the simplicity of Peter Kennard. I would like to develop this idea a lot further, I can see it as a short  moving image and would really like to experiment with this idea. It represents the ultimate question, what is the meaning of life?, what is mans purpose? Why are we here?

Overall I have really enjoyed this project, discovering new techniques and expressing my imagination and ideas.