Organics motion is a company that has developed a type of motion capture that does not require and tracking dotts or the flattering tight lycra suits. This markerless technology was originally developed for use in medicine, to track the movement of sick children with out having to sick the markers on them. They later developed a package called stage for the use in films, tv and animation companies. so how does it work? With this newer form of motion capture all the actor/ model has to do is enter a specially created set with 14 LED based cameras on a rig, which then triangulate the 3D position of the subject between the cameras. I have read contradicting articals about the finacial copst of this technolog. It has been said it is cheeper than the markered motion capture making it more avalible to smaller companies, but others have stated the software is much more expencive. Also are there restrictions to the size of these LED sets? would they cope with a set the same size used to recored Avatar?