In our Flash tutorial we ploughed though several tools and tweens. I had to use screen recordings of the swf files as the exported Quicktime movies leave artifacts on the scene and draws your attention away from the animation.

Shape Tween and color transition

Shape tween is the morphing of one shape to another.

Shape hints

Shape hints allow some control over morphing from one shape to another using points to control where each part morphs. It is quite temperamental so the simpler the shapes the better.

Traditional animation

Traditional is the animation of an object just using key points on the timeline.

Rotation point

Moving the pivot point on an object will allow rotation from a different angle.

Classic motion path

you can creat your own drawn path for your object to follow using a motion path.


Easing in and out allows the speeding up and slowing down at key points on the time line.

Classic motion fade

adjusting the alpha setting on an object on keyframes will adjust the opacity.

Advanced classic path

you can control the direction of the object during motion using an advanced classic bath.


I got lost a bit during this excersize. It was supposed to be rain but looks more like tv static.

Considering this was the first time I had ever done keyframe animation I think I grasped it pretty well.