To flop or not to flop. Thousand of final fantasy fans eagerly awaited the release of Final Fantasy’s first movie and a full CGI one at that, Spirits Within. I was one of those fans, I was also one of those fans who was incredibly disappointed with it. The aesthetics of the move are astounding and like nothing that had been seen prior to its release but this wasn’t enough to secure the success of the movie. When fans hear the name Final Fantasy it means something more than a name, it means a certain type of games play, familiar characteristics in the characters, battles and creatures. One big trate being Summons, giant creatures call fourth to fight in your stead, with summons like Shiva, Ifrit and Bahamut in attendance in every game prior to the movie. Also the colossal battles taking place with magnificent beasts and bad guys another trate of the series. Final Fantasy; Spirits Within had none of that, absolutely no relation to the games what so ever, big mistake. the whole move just felt like Square Enix showing off what they can do, which is stunning but the movie was totally irrelevant to the Final Fantasy series. Now if they had called it something other than final fantasy, just Sprits Within brought to you by the creators of Final Fantasy, I think the whole perception of the movie would have changed and would not have been compare to the FF series what was the epic down fall of this movie.