Everything you see and hear in a game has been placed and added there for a reason, there are no happy accidents but carfully planned cordination and colabartaion beteween writters, animtor, directors etc. I came accross an articl about the music for the new Deus Ex game on the Playstaion 3, a game I am very excited about. Sometimes you forget about sound within a game or movie and take it as a given, you brain just absorbs it as part of the package and you forget the planning that goes behind it and in turn lacks the appretiation it deserves.

In an artical, about the composition for Deus Ex, from the offical Playstation blog Michael McCann talks about how he created the theme and how  Transhumanism is the core theme of the game.

What makes this theme so powerful is that it permeates almost every part of life – science, philosophy, art, religion, and politics. On the surface, transhumanism deals with the use of technology to push humanity beyond our physical and mental limitations – in the extreme it would be a push toward immortality.” 

Michael McCann.

I think McCann has really capture the eccesce of Transhumanism in the soundtrack, reflecting on the game and adding a vital touch to the experiance. Listening to just the music you can hear and feel what this game is about without supporting visuals.

Icarus, by Michael McCann

Game Trailer

I still listen to the soundtracks of games I have previously played. I find they take me back to moments, memories and the emotions I felt at the time I played the game, like when the hero gains corage and overcomes his fear or the moment he looses his loved one. The song then has a meaning, a story and a personal connection to your experiance of that game, something a song on the radio lacks.