I took me a little while to actually take this from the shelf in HMV to the counter. I glanced across it and remembered seeing some trailers about Legend of the Guardians and the characters being owls, but the actual DVD case threw me.I couldnt recall the part of the title ‘The owls of Ga’hoole and thought it might be a spin-off. I tried reading the synopsis on the back, but there wasnt one, nor could i find a date and my recollection of the trailers for the movie was something a bit darker and intense, something the front image didn’t portray. On the front they all seem happy and chirpy. I had to ask one of the staff if this was actually the movie I thought it was, turns out it was, so I bought it.

This to me suggests that ‘never judge a book by its cover’ doesnt apply to DVD’s I very nearly walked away from buy it. once i got it home im usually excited to watch it but the whole presentation had made me sceptical, then i opened the case and i frowned. the actual DVD’s were in black and white apart from the certificates on the blue ray version. the dvd copy was just black and white. a let down, there’s nothing better than opening a dvd or a game and seeing a shiny new disk.

So who designed this packaging? who approved this packaging? It feels sloppy, uninformative and a little miss leading as to the content of the movie. How may sales have they missed because of this?