When I go to WHSmiths to buy the monthly ImagineFX I would also buy 3D World. The main reason I would buy this was just to look at the work of others and dream that one day I would be able to create things like it. Now I’m actually on this course I am realising it’s not going to be a dream for much longer.

3D world, like ImagineFX, have specials on animated movies and the techniques they used to get a particular effect. They also have tutorials, with everything you need on the disc.

They talk about 3D programs like, Zbrush, 3D max, Maya and keep you up to date with all the new updates and information. Something I have always kept and eye out for in this magazine is information on motion capture. It is interesting to see which industries are using it and what for as motion is something I would like to get into.

It also has information on new hardware, a concept im still grasping but with time I’ll understand.