When I saw the trailers for the movie Skyline I was so excited. The concept and the visual effects looked right up my street and I decided it was a  definite must see.  But then it came out at the cinema, a few friends got to see it and all I heard was negative feedback. The usual “its crap” response when people dislike something with no actual explanation as to what was “crap” about it. So I ditched the idea of going to the cinema to watch it and forgot all about it until i spotted the DVD in HMV. I bought it, thought what the hell if it has visual effects I will like it.

92 minutes later I was full of frustration. What a waste of what could have been a great movie. The graphics where really very good but that was about all that was good. The script and actors let it down tremendously. Actors like Eric Balfour, Scottie Thompson, Brittany Daniel, Donald Faison who will forever be known as the guy from scrubs. who are these people you ask? exactly who are they? what serious movies have they done in the past. the answer is none and it showed. We all know that a movie is scripted, but it’s not supposed to sound scripted, every word that came out of the girls mouths sounded rehearsed and badly at that. but they weren’t given a good script in the first place some parts of the script were so unnecessary that me and my friend just looked at each other and thought “what?”

I really wanted to like this movie, take away the actors and bad script and your left with very good visual effects gone to waste.