Over the last couple of years I have noticed an increase in games being made into movies. With very little of them a success.

Some of the games made into movies;

Prince of Persia Sands of Time

Resident Evil; March 2002 resident evil was released and being a fan i was excited. Having played the game i kind of had a picture of how i wanted it to look and be. I didn’t come away from thinking its the best as is ould have been but i felt please with what they had done. there where a few nods to the fans who played the games and it kept mostly to the concept and overall atmosphere of the game. There are now four live action movies based on the Resident Evil games by Capcom. Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Resident Evil : Extinction and Resident Evil Afterlife.


I had only watched over the shoulder of friends that played Doom so I don’t know much about the plot of people but it was okay. IT was released in october 2005 and the only part that really got me excited was when the camera angle changed into a first person view as it does in the game.


I have been a big fan of the TomeRaider series since they release number 3 on the Playstation in november 1998, showing my age now and when i heard there was going to be a live action movie, in june 2001, with Angelina Jolie as Lara I thought Perfect! I couldn’t have thought of any actress more perfect for the part. She played Lara perfectly, her mannerisms, actions and even attitude resembled that of the in-game character i had grown up with. The adventures she embarked on within the movie where similar in situ and situation as you would find in any Tomb Raider game. They later released another Tomb Raider movie called The Cradle of Life, which was also a tribute to the game.

Silent Hill

I played a demo for this game when I was very young and didn’t get very far. It is a very frightening and bazaar game and couldn’t ring myself to complete the first level but I was still familiar with the art work and character thought magazines and the internet. When i watched the movie from behind the safety of my own pillow I was impressed with how they kept to the character design of the games and the bazaar mature of the storylines.

Street Fighter

Street Fighter the movie is every lads dream come true seeing their childhood fantasies as live action character that look real enough to touch was a real treat for them. Yeah the story and acting is stiff but you can’t really take this movie too seriously.

Max Payne

I have never played Max Pyne but I have seen the movie. I don’t know if it was because i hadn’t played the game that I found it hard to understand what was going on but i really was disappointed with this movie. It was far-fetched week and unrealistic.