I was casually surfing YouTube the other day as you do and I came across a short video of I Am Legend Makeup test that i was surprised to see. It’s a little while since I have seen this move but I had assumed that all the vampire creatures where CGI. This Footage suggests not and it makes me wonder now what parts werent because the makeup was very convincing.

Could their images be makeup and not CGI?

As I dive deeper recovering information, on this subject, I have discovered that the Makeup you see in the video clip was never used and they opted for CGI. The makeup FX artist was Steve Johnson and he did a great job as you can see in the test but director Francis Lawrence struggled to find actors to perform ‘the infected’ the way he wanted and so chose to use CGI instead.

Ok I am a big fan of CGI but what a shame such a great talent and creative technique lost out to computers.