The TIGA Manifesto.

I have not as of yet completely read this yet, but i am slowly but surely getting through it. Being a very slow reader and dyslexic im afraid this one is going to take some time!

This is from the Games Industry Association TIGA and they have outlined three priorities for the next parliament regarding the gaming industry with a vision to make the Uk the best place in the world to do games business.I say bring it on!

The manifesto sets out a strategy to help realise their vision with a set of policies that will support the gaming industry and its long-term growth.

They bring up issues like the introduction of Games Tax Relief, a reduction in tuition fees for students studying maths and computer science degrees to combat skill shortages.

It bring forward the skill shortages and lack of qualified graduates suitable for the industry and  specific tax, fiscal and monetary policies, encouraging investment in new IP, research and development, workforce development, education, business support, combating piracy and the UK classification system. Ok so i don’t know completely what that last bit is about but what i do know is they are fighting our corner and am doing my best to find out and understand this manifesto.

The mighty TIGA Manifesto!