Unfortunately I was absent from the lesson when this task was discussed so im just going to do my best with what I have read on the VLE.

I need to Judge the following three videos against 5 criteria,Clarity, Drama, Design, Substance and Flow.

2 minute presentation demonstration

This is a video demonstration on how to do a correct bicep curl. This video has clarity, substance and flow. You are clearly told and shown what the video is about, what you are trying to achieve and how to do it. Substance, the esencial information needed to achieve the objective and flow, straight to the point from start to finish, short direct demonstration with constant detail from start to finish.

Terri Sjodin: Power Point Presentation

A short video on Powerpoint presentations. It has flow and substance. The topic and information flow nicely from point to point and information relative giving you substance.

Unfortunately the 3rd video is no longer unavailable.