So whats with the snake?

In the movie, Legend of the Guardians, the majority of the characters are owls or birds, apart from two, a snake and some kind of spiky badger. The badger wasn’t out of place because of his brief appearance but the snake however was. She plays the part of a nanny to three young owls and has very little script and purpose within the movie but just seems to appear randomly in the shot. She is took on the adventure with Soren but she just feels like a spare part, never really engages with the storyline. Even her modeling is out of place, she looks very plastic and animated and pulls away from the realism of the animation as everything else looks amazing. Her role as a nanny? seemed pointless and odd. Yes talking armor wearing owls are odd too but it still has a air of realism.

The rest of the animation is beautiful, the feathers on the owls look very realistic especially the scene when Soren is soaring through the water tunnel in slow motion, the droplets of water and lighting make it a really spine tingling moment in the movie.