This is just a look at some of the gaming companies that are in near by areas in the uk.


SCE Cambridge studio– Sony computer entertainment studio is part of the world wide network consiting of 15 highly successful game develope studios. SCE are responsible for the global Playstation brand and developes new products for the gaming market. They have seven studios in the uk,

Media Molecule – Guildford, UK
Guerrilla Games – Amsterdam, Netherlands
SCE London Studio – London, UK
SCE Cambridge Studio – Cambridge, UK
SCE Studio Liverpool – Liverpool, UK
Evolution Studios – Runcorn, UK
Bigbig Studios – Leamington Spa, UK

two in japan,

SCE Japan Studio – Tokyo, Japan
Polyphony Digital Inc. – Tokyo, Japan

and six in the US

Naughty Dog – Santa Monica, California
SCE Santa Monica Studio– Santa Monica, California
SCE Foster City Studio – Foster City, California
SCE San Diego Studio – San Diego, California
SCE Bend Studio– Bend, Oregon
Zipper Interactive – Redmond, Washington

Ninga Theory– A game development company, dedicated to next generation gaming. They have produced games such as,

Enslaved, ps3

Heavenly Sword, ps3

Kung fu chaos

Frontier Developments-Frontier is one of the worldwide games industry’s leading independent developers. They have produced games such as;

Lost winds, Wii

Rollercoaster Tycoon, PC

Curse of the Were-rabbit, mobile.

Kinectimals, Xbox 360.

Frontier seems to have a diversity in what console they develope games for.