Media giant Sony has issued a warning to all its PlayStation network users that their personal details, including names, addresses and even credit card details, may have been stolen by hackers.

The company says there was an attack on its online service last week.

Three million users here in Britain could be at risk, as Rory Cellan-Jones reports.

Why why why, what would you again from hacking the PlayStation Network apart from a jail sentence and a very hefty law suite. I and not impressed with them, if they are doing it for notoriety then they got it for being a huge pain in the ass and have made a lot of users very angry with the amount of haste it has caused.

I could have prestige twice over on Black ops! and the new map packs come out very shortly! there are many comments on forums about receiving some kind of compensation for this inconvenience. Weather this is a possibility is still unknown but it would be nice as a gesture to get a few free credits on the PSN.