You would have undoubtedly heard by now about the disastrous closure of the Playstation network. Being an avid fan of the system I myself and millions of other users world-wide are very frustrated and feel let down by Sony. I received a text from a friend early morning, on the 21st of april, asking if I could get online, low and behold I couldn’t. On the 22nd of april Sony released a comment on their PSN blog that the Playstation network had suffered and external intrusion and has subsequently been switched off. hundreds if not thousands of us knew what this ment, they had been hacked. I had heard it on the grape vines in lobbies that this might happen and low and surprise surprise it did. So if I knew about the possibility of this hack, why didn’t Sony? and if they were awere of the rumors why didn’t they do something to protect us? I had been keeping an eye on the Playstation Bog for updates on the situation and religously checking my Playstation to see if it was up and running yet. The blogs released on the situation were brief and told us very little about what was happening and when the network was due to be back online. A week later and it still isn’t up and running, but Sony has finally admitted that the external intrusion was that of hackers and the situation now is a little more concerning. Us PlayStation users all received an email stating our personal information and passwords have been compromised! What a disaster, we have been told to keep an eye on our bank accounts and change passwords if we use the same login for different accounts. No reports of money being taken from any account has been reported as of yet, fingers crossed there wont be any but i will be taking a trip to the bank shortly.