As we need to design a flying fortress for our Steampunk project I started to re call movies and games where I had seen things that resemble flying ships, Steampunk themes and fashion. One that came to mind was the 2007 movie, Stardust.

The movie is set in a fictional magical realm and some of the set design felt very Victorian and the Flying ship, Zeppeling felt very Steampunk. I really like the set design with the double-sided stairs with the fountain in the middle. The candle sticks on the ends add a very Gothic edge to the set. The detail in the railings looks very intricate and if we wanted to replicate that effect in second life I wouldn’t consider using prims as it would use a lot and I would probably take up to much time, so I would consider just using a texture with an alpha channel for the transparency through the rails. The main reason I recalled the movie was because of the flying ship.The blimp was invented in the 1800’s within the Victorian era and therefore we could design the flying fortress with blimps in mind. I like the fact that the ship in Stardust is quite literally a flying ship.