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We had a team meeting about our character designs in the DFGA Design space at one o’clock today. I brought along my moodbords of Steampunk fashion and we shared ideas of each required type of character design. We decided on 6 different character designs on male and one female each for;

  •  Navy Officer – Pilot
  •  Sky-Merchant
  • Adventurer / Brigand

We decided that the degree of Steampunk would vary between each character type. The navy officers would be very conformed, neat and tidy, with the choice of a formal hat and a flying hat, with the military theme being very prominent and more subtle aspects of punk.

The sky-merchant would look more lower middle class and wear dirty aprons and carry brass measuring devices on their person . To add the aspect of punk we thought of the idea of a peg leg for the male merchant but with a Steampunk twist. Adding some hydraulics, springs and cogs. The female apron would have buckles and belts holding it on and some sort of leather neck brace as Victorian women wore high collars and long dresses/skirts to hide their legs with stockings underneath.

For the adventurer we are looking to go full-out heavy Steampunk. Lots of gadgets and maybe even some mechanical wings strapped to his/her back. I feel the cloths should feel more withered and dusty, like a wanderer, perhaps a little torn and worn. I like the idea of dread locks with springs and wires embeded into them.

We will continuce to pass ideas around and gain further reaseach for developement of the characters.