During the easter holiday, in a trip to Claires accessories, I was rummaging through the sale rack, as every woman does and what did I find! but Steampunk jewelery…… unknown to me, Steampunk was to be the theme of my next module. So I have taken some photos of what I bought to use a reference.

This is the necklace, the arror does move and I like the silver cog overlapping the gold cog. It just goes to show that not all the cogs need to move, they can just be for aesthetic value. It reminds me of the in side of a watch. This was possibly intentional, as when you look at the Steampunk fashion you see this theme runs throughout.

I really love th earings, they are very unusual, but your typical Steampunk. I like the small cone weights, nuts and ting cogs hanging on th ends of the chains. I just did some little pen doodles using some of the shape from the jewelery.

The bracelet was a bit different to the rest. But it stuck to the same colour theme. i like the little ball bearings and the stars. the round discs look like buttons from a military jacket, in printed with what looks like a coat of arms.

All of the jewelery is brass coloured, silver and gold. these are generally the color theme for Steampunk. You very rarely see and bright vivid colours as these would not have been available during the Victorian period.