I found some great pictures of flying machines, flying fortresses and  castles. I made some sketches and comments in my sketch book, but I am going to comment on a few on my blog as well.

An idea that has really captured me is the building in this picture, it feels very Victorian like a very large conservatory or train station.

They are this grand metal structures and we could achieve this look by applying a texture with an alpha channel.

Mary mentioned basing the ship around a fish so I have had a quick look a some fish  shapes to gain some sort of inspiration.

Looking at there images I can see how I could use the fins and interpret them into wings. I like the idea of a huge mechanical steam powered fish. I could make the fins like sails or metal wings and metal scales????

The new Bioshock: Infinate is set in a city above the clouds, kept aloft by blimps and jets, with platforms strung together. I like the idea of big chunky steam jets, actively spraying out steam, we couls achive this but using an animated texture.