To come up with ideas for our  fort design I used my flying machine moldboards to pull inspiration from some of the images and put them in to a design. This post has the rough ideas I presented to the team and the feedback I got and my own personal thoughts about them.

Fort 1, The Birdcage Blimp.

Initially I really liked the idea of blimps, so I came up with a concept that looked like the fort was saddling a large blimp. The buildings would be encased in a birdcage like structure on three step like platforms. I am not overly keen on this design, it feels frumpy and unattractive and too long for the 60 x 60 meter space we have to build in. But it got the ball rolling.

Fort 2, The Dome

After considering the space a bit more I thought about taking more advantage of hight. I also like the idea of metal cage like structures after seeing some images of Victorian bird cages and metal structures. In this design the main body is a sphere, the lower half a large metal bowl containing the engine room, the buildings on the top and a metal protective dome on top. To stop it feeling so spherical I added a large sail and cockpit hanging independently from the structure accessible by a spiral stair case. The team didn’t seem overly keen on the idea, it didn’t seem to have aesthetic appeal to them.

Fort 3, Nautilus

Mary mentioned doing a fish-shaped flying ship. So i put together a design, which we really liked but we had the problem again of length, it would be too long. The belly of the fish is where the pub and shop etc, would be, again caged in a protective metal dome. A control centre at the nose and portholes all along the side.

Fort 4, Cavorite Bolloons

This one is my favorite idea, having several islands held aloft by cavorite balloons, the team really liked it to. The comments from the presentation and the team, was to add some guns and rough it up a bit, as is needs to look more fort like and ready for war. So I need to think about how I can rough it up and make it look a bit more defensive and less open. So with a bit more development I think this is the concept we will go for.