The feature that I have had the most comments about is my compass. I was adament that i wanted this on the main land from the start as some form of mavigation for the island inhabitants.The final look I think it has turned out lovely and I am very please with it. Initially I had plans to just have north, south, east and west on the outer ring and just have a transparent prim on top to stop people falling in but as I had gotten to grips with alpha channeled textures I thought of using a more appealing N,S,E,W design.

In the cargo room there are rotating cogs and a rotating beam  that reaches from the bottom rotating blades of the island, straight to the top of  the main land  and in the centre of the compass, designed to look like it is powering the island and i think it works quite well.

The face of the compass is filled with rotating cogs in different directions and different shapes and sizes. I only used textures for this insead of making a prim cogs to save on the prim count. The only problem with this is becuse of the transparent textures, at some angles, they are not visible but I dont think thats something I can help with out making a prim cogs.

Time and prim allowing i would like to add an annometer for effect, so it looks more used and practical, rather than just a pretty feature.