Over the past few years I have been buying Imagine FX, a fantasy sci-fi digital art magazine and when i get a brief i always flick through for inspiration. So i have found some artists that have done some steampunk art in the past.

Kyoung Hwan Kim


  These two pictures remind me of steampunk. The second one especially with the characters mode of dress and monical. It feels very victorial. Looking through his website, his drawings are mostely of fantasy women and has a mixed style of drawing.








Hoang Nguyen


Hoang Nguyen has appered in a couple of Image Fx issuse and he has a very distinct stlye. i can usually tell his art straight away. He tends not to use over detailed background and i think this forces you to pay more attention to the main objects. I found these three that have a bit of steampunk style, in the color pallets and the clothing and accessories.

Emerson Tung


This image feels very steampunk and was the type of image that popped into my head when  first got the brief and could be reffered to a sky boat.