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I got this book out from the college library and it gave me some ideas for my cargo a, textures and colours. The round studded iron sphere gave me the idea for a little boiler in the cargo area. I could put a flame animation in side it for effect. I like the coloums in the rail way station and the red paint on the base. The trunks in the station look used and randomly stacked, they don’t look too neat, would be a good idea just to scatter any trunks and cases in my cargo area. The details in arches of the girders look really intricate and decorative, they add aesthetic value to what cold look dull unsightly, industrial structures. I could make a cage that contains some objects and put roof rack on top to add different heights like the trunks on top of the carriage in one of the pictures.

I have curtainly gained lots of inspiration from this book that i can use for my cargo area.