To achive shapes that we couldn’t get using prims we used sculptis. I did all the sculpties for the team using maya. They just told me what they wanted and I did it for them pretty quickly. The bonus of these sculptis was that we could use them an all the areas of our fort. Bottles could be used in the pup and the shop and the scuplties can be squashed and stretched to get different size and shapes using only one imported sculpti. Also like the trunks we can offset the textures and change the colors to make each one look different without having to import new textures and sculpties. I had to be careful to spread out all edge loops when modeling in maya because if i didnt that when I applied the texture it wouldn’t evenly distribute and would squash the texture. As well as evenly distributing the edge loops in Maya I could import a texture to Maya, test it out, adjust and them bake it out when I export the sculpti.