Ok so friday we got our first brief for the start of our second year. Excited to be back I cant wait to get cracking. Our first module is, Game Art, Design and Animation. We are designing and making our own characters and a small environment for them to exist in. The interactive environment  will be viewed in first person. The brief in design is pretty much open, with only the restriction of a humanoid character. My favourite type of brief! my imagination starts to go crazy. I have dreamed for a long time about creating characters and environments and bringing them to life, giving them movement, personality and emotions. Immediately I thought of my past designs and thought of a character design in a  story that I have been writing over a few years, I would love to see it built in 3D. But looking through the material I gathered there is simply too much for me to start from scratch, so I am going to keep that one close to my chest and hopefully make something of it when I graduate.

I do have one undeveloped idea that I think I’m going to go for. The story revolves around a female boxer, Frankie, very much in the style of heavy rain. Real life physics, situations and photorealistic environments. All though at this stage my skills in textures are not extremely photo realistic, I feel I would like to tackle a air of realism in my character and environment, as this is the style of animation I aspire to. So I figure, start as you mean to go on.