Through out my life I have been a practical person and my end of year results reflected that tremendously. Having achieve a distinction in every module other than creative practice in which I achieved a pass. Needless to say I was disappointed but this year will hopefully be different as I have now all the support I need to help me through the theoretical side of my course. I am dreading this module as I do anything theoretical but I am not about to let it beat me. I now have a Dictaphone to record the lessons and play them back, something i will definitely be using in our next session, as the notes I have made make little sense to me but I am going to do my best to write them up anyway with the help of the power point on the VLE.

  • Transmedia

Ok so my understanding of Transmedia in story telling is using multiple forms of media to ” contribute to an understanding of the story world”. For example, anyone can have an idea for a story, film or invention but it is through transmedia that it comes from our imagination/ thoughts and onto paper for you to explain it to others and others to understand, read and experience it in the form of a book storyboard or script. The spoken word is also transmedia, we talk to friends and family every day about our experiances. we can be trasmedick with in our selves while acting out our lives. In a day you change from one type of person to another. I myself go from being a student, a daughter, friend and gamer, all of which are different behavioural characteristics of my personality acting out my life within the concept of transmedia. Transmedia in relation to my course is a story from one persons imagination becoming a book, which becomes a movie which then becomes a game and even toys and other merchandise, all experiencing one story slightly differently through several different transmidic forms.

  • Media hybridity

So media hybridity;

– Content is the story, media is the voice, the film, book, the game. Each media giving a different experience. Music in a movie or game have tonal values and can change the audience’s emotional understanding.

For my own example, for my own understanding, I am going to use one of the most touching moment in a movie that I have seen.

It is from the 2006 movie Superman Returns. Since his first appearance in the 1930’s as a comic book character , his image has become one of strength, justice and immortality, a superhero thought of as untouchable. But when Superman falls in the latest superman movie, you can help but feel a strange sadness.

The image below is a screen shot from the few seconds we see superman lifeless in a crater made by his falling body. Alone this image doesn’t have a massive emotional impact, yes it is a sad image, seeing the iconic curl upon his forehead and that royal blue trying to shine through the dust and darkness of the scene. But add music and the rest of the scene, it becomes a more emotionally impactual moment.

  • When he begins to fall his body takes the shape of a crucifix ( god like image in christianity)
  • While falling his body then curls into a fetal position like a helpless and fragile child
  • The city stands an can only watch in silence as the thought to be immortal falls
  • You feel for the young boy, who’s hero is looking so week
  • The music forces you to feel that this is a sad moment
  • The fait thud of his body impacting on the ground suggests that isn’t a moment to marvel at and the trees of the park act like police tape around a crime scene.
  • In the last few seconds of the scene the camera pans down to Supermans body still and silent.

So we can see how different types of media , e.g from and image to a movie, can grant different experiances and emotions from differernt types of transmedia.

Transmedia is as old as the human race but is still developing with new gadgets and inventions like the ipod and 3G allowing new transmedic forms.