I am always going on about how music is so important to the feel of a game, so I wanted to add some to mine to set the mood as a radio feed. I asked an old friend of mine if I could use his music from his band Verax. So I’d like to say a big thank you to the epically named Auran Lyonheart for giving me permission to use some of his songs.

You can find their songs on the music games, Super crazy Guitar Manic Deluxe 3 and Xbox live for rock band 2/3.

They have been support bands for Tynchy Stryder, Funeral for a friend, The Guillemots, The Hoosiers and Kids in Glass houses at the O2. Their album Omega Fantasy is available for download on itunes, Amazon mp3’s, Spotify and Tesco Digital.

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To find out more about who Verax are and where they are playing, I have included some links…

Verax on Twitter

Verax on Facebook

Verax on myspace