Source material is very important for referacne when trying to make your game and animations realistic. I have contacted Tigers Gym in leeds and asked if I could take some source footage of women boxers that use their gym, to see how they pose, look and move I am yet to get a reply but I am hoping I will hear from them soon. If not I will find another gym and ask them or even put my gloves on and do some moves from when I kick boxed myself. I can also source footage from Youtube and some gyms have a showreel on their web pages.

I am going to source as many of my own textures as I can, going to try and remember to take my camera home with me reading week.

I need photos like…

  • brick walls
  • painted brick
  • beams
  • emergancy exit doors
  • wooden or screed floors
  • old wooden windows
  • old tiles
  • copper pipes

to name a few.