I need or would like to have a name for my gym, makes it feel more grounded, like a real place, with stories, members and put to good use. So how do i choose a name? i thought a good place to start would to look up boxing terms.

List of boxing terms

Ok looking through some of the boxing term I cames up with these…

  • Lennox Boxing Gym
  • Ring Side 
  • Rolling with the punches
  • Brusers boxing gym
  • bloody Gloves
  • Alphabet soup
  • Rope a Dope – Rope a dope was used by Muhammad Ali in his 1974 fight against George Foreman. It involves lying back on the ropes, shelling up and allowing your opponent to throw punches until they tire themselves out and then you exploit their defensive flaws and nail them.
  • Second to none – Second =A second also referred to as a corner man, aids and assists the boxer between rounds.
  • Sunday punch gym – A knockout blow. A hard punch, knockout punch or KO punch that renders an opponent unable to continue fighting.
  • White collar boxers –White collar boxers are not registered amateurs or professional boxers. They box (basically spar with an opponent) in contests or exhibitions where no cash prizes are awarded.
I like white collar boxers!! The meaning doesn’t scream boxing game, but casual boxing, keeping fit and exercise, for fun boxing as a hobby, which is what it is to Alexis. It is the palace she spends most of her time , gets away from her life and problems, where she has friends.