I had a quick flick through my friends magazine and  came across this page !

No it’s not vertual reality but its getting closer! What if the technology of sony’s 3d visor and that of TrackIR were combined? Could a kind of virtual reality be possible? to move your head and look around a virtual environment and turn to face your enemies. I am already having a little think about my dissertation and this could be a possible path for me to look into.

Turning on my PS3 last night I noticed it had cropped up again in the whats new section. They are referring it to as a personal 3D viewer head mounted display  or HMD. They have some pretty epic looking advertising images like something out of a game or movie in its self. It has full surround sound and HD, the design looks like something from a sci-fi movie! This would be amazing for gaming only I just had a thought how would I wear my head set to speak to other players while online gaming??

I have a few questions really…

  • The first being is there a built in microphone?
  • how heavy is it?
  • is it run off the mains? or is it rechargeable?
  • how long are you advised to use it in one sitting?
  • and where can i try it out?
It has a hefty price tag of £799, I wont be asking for one for christmas unfortunately, but hopefully as time goes by we will see these on the shelves of games stores sold as part of a Playstation bundle? Sooooo excited about what technological development comes after this……
I was contemplating this product the other night and found myself comparing to some of the controversy surrounding the social aspects of these types of socially isolating media.