Sound is very important to the atmosphere of games. Within my environment I have mentioned I would like a radio but what about the in games sounds?

  • Short radio banter ( write and record )
  • foot steps change while walking on the hard floor to the gym mats
  • Thunder (but a low thunder)
  • rain on the tin roof ( if i’m lucky it will rain while i’m down my mums and I can record the sound in my mums conservatory)
  • chains rattling when the punch bags are hit ( bike chain)
  • occasional ring of the phone in the managers office ( record my house phone, then tone it down to sound like its in another room)
  • drip from a leak in the roof in to a bucket ( Drip water into a tin bucket )
I would like to also give the illusion that Chloe, Alex’s sister, is in the shower. So i’ll need the sound of water in the shower and I thought that when the player walks into the shower room it triggers a short one sided dialogue.
I really want to use the sound booth this year and I am quite excited about. I can source a lot of these sound but I think I will have trouble with the thunder. Although I could try a big sheet of card?
Jeff is a genious! She has just posted this link on facebook.
This is exactly the sound I want for my environment. Lots of rain with the occasional rumble of thunder, pppperfect!!