The time of day =  Evening aprox 9 pm, its dark.

Weather = Thundering and raining, flashes of lightning coming through the windows.

Sounds= rain on the tin roof, the radio, different floor textures from hard to soft on the gym mats. Running shower in the changing room where chloe is showering. Telephone ringing in the office, drip from the leak in the roof.

Speech= Alex speaks when you bump into her “watch it!”, “ok you need to back off”.  Speech triggered when you walk into the shower room. “Alex? hello? im sorry…”

Lighting=  Dark, lit by spot lights in the gym area and sky lights from roof flashes of light from the outside lightning. Two strip lights in the shower room, one is on the other blinking, also again light from the street and lightning.

Interactivity= Push the punch bags and they swing, click speed ball and they wobble, click the platform speed bag and it acts as it would if you punched it. Drinking fountain works? (maybe) Turn on a shower  (maybe) Buttons on vending machine beep when clicked. Shower doors and toilet doors open when clicked.

I like the idea of having the door a jar to see the out side. You could Look up and see the rain in the light of the street light, the sound of the rain gets louder as you approach the door.